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Kindergarten  116 titles: order and download Kindergarten song formats.
First Grade  137 titles: order and download First Grade song formats.
Second Grade  65 titles: order and download Second Grade song formats.
Third Grade  64 titles: order and download Third Grade song formats.
Fourth Grade  77 titles: order and download Fourth Grade song formats.
Fifth Grade  117 titles: order and download Fifth Grade song formats.
Pitch Number Warm-ups
Pitch Number Warm-Ups, with WORKSHEETS, in keys most often utilized at the elementary music level.
Solfeggio Warm-ups
Solfeggio Warm-Ups with WORKSHEETS, in keys most often utilized at the elementary music level.
Rhythm Warm-ups  Rhythm Warm-ups to warm up and challenge the mind.
Recorder Charts  Color coded Recorder Fingering Charts and five beginning recorder songs. Color coded to match Keyboard, Ukulele, and Guitar Charts.
Keyboard Charts  Keyboard Charts and Beginning Scales for classrooms with keyboards, or students who have keyboards at home. Perfect for keyboard center/stations! Color coded to match Recorder, Ukulele, and Guitar Charts.
Guitar Chord Charts  Guitar Chord Fingering Charts
Ukulele Chord Charts  Color coded to match Recorder, Guitar, and Keyboard Scale Charts. Makes a perfect center/station for learning chords.
Kodaly Hand Sign Charts  Three formats: major scale interval pattern, solfeggio scale, and stepping up the staff.
Music History Puzzles  Secret Code puzzles for Primary (P) or Elementary (E) develop language skills while learning music concepts and music history. Non-readers will succeed as well. Makes a perfect center/station in conjunction with a listening center/station and a great substitute teacher activity!
Seek and Find Puzzles  First taught as a class lesson, these puzzles make a perfect center/station and are a hit with substitute teachers!
Card Game Templates  Makes a great center/station and substitute teacher activity.
Tic-Tac-Toe Games  Tic-Tac-Toe Games make a great center/station for reinforcing music terms.
Note Words  Reinforce the note letter names of the G-clef and F-Clef by turning note names into words.
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